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Webmaster.Ninja is a movement for making an entire web awesome. Will you join us?

Webmaster.Ninja is a movement for making an entire web awesome. Will you join us?

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What exactly is Webmaster.Ninja

Tools, monitoring and insights

Website monitoring, domain monitoring, SSL monitoring, email blacklists, website reports, bulk tools, advanced domain checkers and so much more!

Website Monitoring

Website downtime notification, domain name expiration, SSL expiration, domain name registrar change, email blacklist notification, NS and MX change.

Website speed test

Webmaster.Ninja tracks your website speed, and notifies you when it increases drastically. Giving you the ability to act fast and improve your client’s experience.

Domain Manager

Track your websites and domains (and ones you want to acquire) like never before! Whois, screenshot, web hosting information.

Advanced Domain Checkers

Check for domain availability and immediately see if a website screenshot is loading. Check domain name combinations for geo targeted domains.

Domain reports

Overview of technical information for your domain name, including whois, screenshot, MX, email blacklist, website title and description, server location and more.

Integration with Google Analytics

Connect your website with Google Analytics and check your latest website traffic within Webmaster.Ninja. Making it easier to check if everything is going according to schedule.

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At webmaster.ninja you can find: website monitoring, domain monitoring, SSL monitoring, advanced domain checker, and other tools that will help you to track your portfolio of websites.

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Website Monitoring

Website downtime? Expired SSL? Expired domain? Sometimes it seams the problems never end. By then the client changes their nameserver, changes provider and you find out about it after months. Not anymore!

Website Downtime

When your website is down, it is not making money and it is damaging to your brand. Setup monitoring!

SSL expiration

When your SSL expires every website visitor and potential client gets a warning that your website isn’t safe, including Google spiders.

Domain name expiration

When your domain name expires, your website is not making money and your brand is damaged.

Email Blacklist notification

When you are blacklisted, your emails aren’t reaching their destination.

NS and MX change

When your NS and MX are not set properly your website and email might not function.

Registrar change

Keep track of all your domains, and get 3rd party email notification when the transfer has finished.



These are some of the tools that are included in the Webmaster.Ninja package. More will follow.

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