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In the following weeks, you may see a requests inside one of notifications, or in a separate email. You will be asked to log in, and confirm your account.

Why confirm your account?

It’s been a couple of years since we started We invested in a premium domain name, we built several tools for webmasters and setup our notifications system. I could go on and on listing all the expenses we had so far, and continue to have every month… Like some, I could also blame the global pandemic… Or, I could complain about how our ads are not converting, and revenue from affiliate commissions are close to zero.

Running a “free service” is very expensive

Thing is, when someone is running a free service, it becomes very expensive for them. The fact that you also get criminals signing up hundred times, and in the process adding 500 websites with turned on monitoring, and your email notifications start bouncing back, it will result in your email being shut down due to spamming.

Issues like these are very easy to solve when you have resources. But, when you have to take those resources, like time and money, from other profitable projects… At some point, you begin to wonder, if you are doing the right thing.

Confirm your account by clicking the box, that’s it.

Inside the email you received from us, you will get a URL which will lead you inside dashboard.

If you click the confirmation link, we will receive a confirmation that:

  1. You still have access to your email
  2. You are receiving critical emails from us (such as domain expiration notification, SSL expiration notification, slow website notification, email blacklist notification, website downtime notification, and so on)
  3. You want to keep receiving emails from us

What happens if I don’t confirm my account?

If you choose not to confirm your account, we will be able to spare resources that would go out to support your account. Therefore, we will no longer track and monitor the websites and the domain names you added to Website Manager, DomainWatch, and email you of any changes that. In other words, if you don’t confirm your account, it will be like you canceled your account. We will not email you if a domain name expires or if your website is not loading.

If 3 months pass, and you still don’t confirm your account, we will permanently delete your account and data.

Paid plans

With that being said, we are very strongly considering moving to a more strict freemium model. Right now, you have the option to add 50 websites and 200 domains for absolutely free. We do show some ads along the way, but they are not intrusive enough to lower the quality of the tool’s interface.

But for the time being, all tools and monitoring services are completely free.

Website valuation tool – with Flippa

Today I am happy to announce that we’ve added another tool to our suite of tools. Website valuation tool! It is a valuation tool we’ve integrated with the help of Flippa. A major marketplace to buy and sell websites, SAAS businesses, domains and eCommerce stores.


As the years go by it is becoming clear to everyone that domain names are becoming more and more complex. Individuals own and manage more domains than ever! There are more domain extensions (TLDs – Top Level Domains) than ever, and there are more domain registrars than ever. This is why we think Domainwatch is a great idea, and we have decided to implement it inside

What is

Our parent company WhoAPI Inc. was a sponsor of project so we were keeping an eye on Benjamin’s (owner) progress. After a great Product Hunt launch (#2 product of the day), and after a lot of signups, Benjamin was struggling to find the business model for this service. After further findings, he decided to tweak the product, and build a new service. There was one problem, people that signed up wouldn’t get the service and support they signed up for.

We are writing this explanation because there’s a good chance you (dear reader) are one of them. So, without further delay, don’t worry, you can use, and it will be completely free!

For those of you who are just finding this out, and are new to (announced as product of the week on Bitrix24) here’s how it works, and how it can help you.

You can use, and it is completely free!

DomainWatch makes it easy for you to monitor your own domains and the ones you want to acquire. We keep an eye on expiration dates, nameservers, registrar in charge and current status of the domain name. Why that information in particular? Here ar some scenarios where Domainwatch might come in handy.

  1. You let a domain name slip. You want it back, but the new owner doesn’t want to sell. So you just have to wait, maybe even years before the domain name becomes again available for registration. Domainwatch will notify you when this domain name is available for registration.
  2. You like a domain name, but the owner is asking for too much money. Maybe he will change his mind, or maybe he will just let it go one day. You can’t tell, so you just track this domain name, and monitor status codes, and if the domain name is being renewed on time.
  3. Domain expirations happen for the weirdest reason so you think you will sleep better if there’s a backup domain expiration notification on the domain names you own. It doesn’t cost anything, so it won’t hurt. With all the parked domains, “future projects”, domain investments, “old projects”, premium domains… who can keep track of all this? Excel sheets? There’s a better way.

Domainwatch in action

To summarize, what does Domainwatch do?

If you would casually like to know if some domain name will become available so that you can get it at base price, this is the tool for that. There are still thousands of domains every day that do expire without anyone catching them! This tool doesn’t compete with big dropcatching services, it will help you catch domain names that are going to expire anyway! You just don’t have to to keep checking these domain names manually. Just set it, and forget it!

Webmaster.Ninja Manifesto

Webmaster.Ninja is more than a service that assists you to manage your websites. We stand for something, and we are passionate about your online success! This is the beginning of a truly great story.

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