I realized I haven’t talked about leaving your job, in order to change into this digital nomad lifestyle. Some call it being a blogger, internet marketing expert, online entrepreneur… Many different names, but let’s not get hung up on that. The reason I haven’t touched on this earlier is that I didn’t have to quit my job in order to start doing this. I own a small online business, which I didn’t have to leave in order to start this journey. I call it “journey” because honestly, that’s the best description I can think of. That being said, I still know what it feels like to work for someone else. I was an employee, and I have investors, so I know what it means to report to someone, ask for permission and not being able to make decisions on your own. So let’s talk about that for a moment.

Do you hate your job? Awesome, do you hate it enough to make a move?

If you’ve read enough material on psychology like I have, it will not come as a revelation that people act only when they break. Only once you reach a certain point, do you make a decision. I touched on this a little bit in my post “Find your rock” which I wrote after visiting Florence and seeing the inspiring statue of David, but let’s repeat the main point here. Only after we are sick and tired of something, we are moved to action. Just think about the last time you made a huge decision like “quitting smoking” or “starting your exercise program” or “quitting your job” or “breaking up with someone”. Something similar is necessary to get into my program, and for me to accept you into the 1 on 1 coaching program.

I am somewhat amazed at how much influencing, convincing and selling is needed for me to suggest someone this change. A change where someone starts a journey where he or she will be able to quit her job in order to work on something they are truly passionate about. Let’s take a freelance web designer for example. His name is Bob, and he is working a typical 9 – 5 job. Bob has to deal with a lot of clients, and the weirdest requests. Can you make it blue, can you make it bigger, can you fix it to look good on the Android, and so on. Depending on where Bob lives and his skillset, he could be getting $500 all the way up to $5000. Bob is also passionate about drones, but he never has time for that.

Making the jump

Now imagine if Bob took the red pill, and made the switch. He could be playing with drones all day long, testing them, writing about them and talking with various drone manufacturers. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying, drones are a great business, I haven’t done the research. I am just saying hypothetically drones could be Bob’s way out where he can make $500 – $5000 per month. This will not come overnight (neither has his career for that matter) but in the quantum field of possibilities, it is possible!

What else could happen? Drone manufacturers could reach out to Bob, and give him free drones, in exchange for writing a review on his website. If Bob bought a state of the art drone, he would be able to deduct tax on this man-toy because Bob is making money online with his website about drones. Bob could also write an ebook on how to create a DIY drone or an ebook on how to operate a drone, or getting the necessary paperwork for operating one. So how does Bob make the switch?

Bob, the drone freak. Can he make it?

Bob first has to find an angle of the niche he wants to work with. Is the industry growing or dying? What keywords are being searched for and how often? What is the competition like for ranking those keywords? Are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest raving about products within those niches? Are there any bestselling drone products on Amazon, and how are they doing? From there, Bob should whip up his web design skills, and create a nice looking website with entertaining or educating content. Website visitors then consume the content and occasionally click on ads and buy something.

In part 1 and part 2 of these series I already talked about advantages of going this route (like, not having to deal with production or customer support) so in case you missed those two posts, I think you will find them useful. Remember, I am simplifying here, but that’s pretty much it. And no, Bob doesn’t have to have web design skills or spend time designing websites. You can buy WordPress themes and pay someone $50 to install them.

Be your own boss, choose your own working hours, your own office, your legacy

The last time I had a job, and what was the driving factor in me quitting that job. I was working in a small, young web design company being just an employee. Two other workers asked me if I wanted to start a company with them. I thought about it, and it didn’t make sense for me to build someone else’s company. If we had our own company and kept building websites, at least after a while we would have a portfolio and something to show for. Today I see people leaving large corporations, and then using the corporation’s clients as a showcase. I would never do that, but some people do. In my opinion, that’s deceitful. But, I suppose that’s just another example of how people are able to make their own decisions when they start a company.

So why not build your own legacy? Why not build something that you can grow and be proud of? Why not help other people that are struggling with something you are passionate about?

If you embrace the lifestyle I am about to teach you, you will be able to pick the products and companies you want to work with. Pick the hours when you want to work, and pick the location where you want to work. Once upon a time, I got an invitation to move to Mountain View, and then a couple years later, to Belgrade. Without much hesitation, I just picked up my laptop and bought a plane ticket. I lived in several countries for months and I am looking to repeat that in the future. It’s just a reality when you have an online business. Ever wondered what it would be like working while looking at the Colosseum out the window? No problem. Exploring Paris while building your business? Possible. Surfing in Australia and increasing your revenue. Why not?

Alarm clock? Don’t need one.

I have to admit, it’s a bit funny writing this because it’s so second nature to me and my fiancee. We only use an alarm clock when we have to travel somewhere and have to wake up earlier than usual. I often tease her about his, because she likes to sleep in and before meeting me waking up was very different for her. She was working at a web design company and had to get up at 6 AM every day. Then she would travel for at least 1:30 to get to the office changing buses and trams. Followed by another 1:30 trip (which would often turn into a 2-hour trip) back home. Effectively wasting 3-4 hours every day just on the commute! If you think that’s normal, I am here to act as your alarm clock! It’s not normal!

Fast forward to today, we are both “digital nomads” and we wake up together once our bodies are refreshed and ready for the day. It’s truly a different life and I wish for you to have it as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe if your commute is that long, maybe you can start working on your project during that commute time! I know I would use every available second to get out of there and 2 hours per day is more than enough to get started.

Your ticket out of here!

Consider this my invitation. I have some extra time, want to give back, and like everybody else I am looking to grow my business. More on my personal reasons why I am offering 1 on 1 mentoring for free is inside post number 1. But don’t worry about me at this point. I have my reasons why I want to help you build your first website that’s making $100 per month. I am psyched about this opportunity, and if you share this enthusiasm, apply below. Deadline is 15th September, I am taking only 1 person, and already people are signing up from around the world! Croatia, Kazakstan, South Africa, USA.

Click here to apply for free coaching and enter the webmaster.ninja dojo.

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