It’s been a week since I’ve invited people to apply for my coaching, and already people have started to sign up. I received some questions and comments, and after thinking about them some more, I’ve decided to write a new blog post where I address them. I don’t want this to be a typical question and answers page, so I’ll try to provide some value along the way.

Why only $100 / month?

I already touched on this in the first post, but let’s go a bit deeper this time. I didn’t mean this amount to be disempowering and I certainly know people who are making $100,000 / month this way but I can’t promise you exact results. This doesn’t mean I am a lousy coach, or that you aren’t incapable. It just means there are a lot of factors at stake, some of which are unpredictable. I believe that I can help someone to reach even $1,000 / month and more, but as the idiom says, let’s not say hop before we jump.

When you have never done something, even the smallest challenge feels impossible. If you’ve never done pushups in your life, if I told you, let’s make 100 pushups per month. I seriously doubt you will be able to keep this habit. In my experience (and I’ve had months where I’ve literally made more than 1000 pushups per month, yes, I’ve double checked, proof attached) it was harder for me going from 0 to 100 pushups, than it was going from 100 / month to doing 800, 900 and even 1482 pushups in a month.

I was doing pushups for months before introducing other forms of workouts
Back in 2016, I was doing pushups for months before introducing other forms of workouts

Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned in the first post, $100 / month will get you above the poverty level. More importantly, $100 is a sum which I believe will “turn you on”, and show you that it’s possible! I think that’s the most important thing here! Think of this $100 / month as crossing the bridge. If you make $100, it means you can make $200. If you make $200, it means you can make $300.

Can you help me grow this project that I gave up on?

If you read closely the first post, I touched on this also. I specifically wrote that: “if you already have a product that’s not selling, this is not for you.“. People will want me to help them with their existing struggling projects and I knew this one was coming because I was like that myself! Just like everybody else, I had to learn that successful people know when to move on from a dying project. It is one of the toughest calls, but it’s a part of the growing process. Very rarely can someone from outside, come into your broken business, and miraculously quadruple your revenue. Furthermore, according to one of the greatest business books Good to Great by Jim Collins, lasting change comes from within the company.

Management that was within the company produced better results than outside management. Anyway, before getting into a debate if outside management is better than old management… I drew the line there, and will only help someone where we find a brand new project with the process I teach you, and market research before making the website. Market research is key because we don’t want to spend 6 months trying to validate some crazy idea. We are going into something where

  • people are already spending money and time
  • people are searching for potential solutions
  • competition is not cut-throat.

Goran, will you come and work for me or with me on some project?

I will not come work for you, or with you on any project. Here’s why. If you were making money the way I am about to teach someone, you wouldn’t have asked me this. Once you are making money this way, and doing it enough to pay all your bills and put some money aside, it’s the closest thing to freedom I’ve had the chance of experiencing. Making money like this (listed below) has so many benefits, that once you cross that bridge, it is very hard to go back.

  1. AdSense, Ad networks
  2. Banner ads, sponsored listings, sponsored articles
  3. Affiliate marketing

Here are the benefits of making money like this.

No product, no problem?

I used to think, if I only had a great product, I would make a ton of money. Not true. You don’t need to build a great product. There are so many great products out there, it’s ridiculous. Why compete? I managed to fundraise $250,000 for my startup. It’s a lot of money, and most was invested in building the company and the product. I’ll be honest and admit that due to inexperience, sadly, some of this money was wasted. Sure, you can build a great product that will storm the Internet, and it won’t cost you a dime, but why struggle with that and risk the chance when there are so many best-sellers out there?

Pick one great product, and build your business around it. Take iPhone for example. I am not saying this is a great niche to get into (I haven’t done the research), but speaking theoretically. You could build a website that’s reviewing certain iPhone products (running gear, security, games, etc). On your website, you could be selling iPhones, iPhone cases, and other iPhone products via an affiliate link. Furthermore, here’s a list of things you don’t have to do.

You don’t have to:

  1. invent or create your product
  2. update your product
  3. deal with support or returns (manufacturer does that)
  4. issue invoice for every sale that happens (less bookkeeping because you get a monthly payout)
  5.  reinvent the wheel to bring sales (you pick products that are on the bestseller list)

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work involved, but this is what it basically comes down to. Let me give you another hypothetical example. I wanted to increase sales for WhoAPI (that’s my company, the one that got a $250,000 investment). I wanted to create landing pages, autoresponder, send newsletters and try out this new thing called marketing automation. Yes, a lot of work involved selling a product no-one has heard of. I was looking at the usual suspects, various SAAS products that could help me. Unbounce, Aweber, Mailchimp, and then I found GetResponse. It had everything that I needed, plus I could host webinars, and it was cheaper than other services! I paid something like $500 for an entire year worth of access. Here’s what happened then.

Recurring commissions? That’s right!

We set up autoresponders, and the very next month we got a client that replied to one of those autoresponders and signed up for our largest package at $499 / month. We lost this client after 3 months, but it more than paid for GetResponse! When you find something great like that, it’s easier for you to help other people with onboarding or selling. This is where you provide the affiliate link. I am simplifying, but in essence, that’s pretty much it. You find a great product, that’s already a best seller. It helps you achieve something, and then you go around and sell it! People are doing this all the time, but rarely do they get a commission!

I didn’t even get to the best part. In some cases, you can purchase products and write them off as a business expense! It can save you a lot of money when it comes to tax season. Please consult with a tax advisor before doing so, but yes, even a very expensive slow juicer can become a business expense. Oh and by the way, to give you a picture of how much companies appreciate your promotion. Right now GetResponse is giving a $1500 cruise voucher if you refer 20+ sales. If you aren’t convinced, here’s the best part. Some companies, like GetResponse (August 2018) give recurring commissions. Meaning, however long the referring client is giving them money, you get 33% out of that commission. Every single month.

GetResponse cruise - affiliate program perk

How to make money online:

  1. Find a great product that’s a bestseller, and you just love it
  2. Recommend it to other people who might need it
  3. Earn money from commissions
  4. Go on a cruise (and still, get paid while you are on this cruise)

Take me on this journey!

So, if you want to start on this journey, apply here. Right now I am taking only one person, but hopefully, in the future, I will be able to take on more. It’s been a week since the application is live, so people have already started to sign up. To be honest, I can work with any of them from what I’ve seen so far, so I am a bit excited to get started. The promotion of this program and election process will last until 15th September 2018, but if I find the perfect candidate earlier, I may close the application, and start working.

This is not a fake scarcity thing. I can work 1 on 1, only with one person. I want to do it right the first time around and hopefully hit one out of the park.

For more information, you can also read the first post in this series, just click here.

Click here to apply for the coaching and enter the dojo.

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