Every business in the world would like to get more clients and revenue. That’s just the nature of doing business. I once heard a statement that if you are not growing you are dying. I think that applies to any type of business. Therefore it is safe to assume that it is in your best interest to learn how to get more sign ups on your website. However, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is such a huge topic that this post will be far away from even scratching the surface. However, if this is your first encounter with it, you have to start somewhere.

If you are frustrated with not getting enough individuals to sign up on your website, you should try new things because there are plenty of things you can do to increase the sign-ups. They might be the ideal solutions you need. You just need to ensure you are able to cover two hurdles. Firstly, you are offering a reason to sign up, and secondly, you are making it easier to register. If you are able to overcome these two obstacles, you will land in a win-win scenario. You will find a huge increase in the people who are willing to provide their information.

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Mentioned below are the top eleven tips to get more sign-ups on your website.

1. Make your CTA (Call To Action) shine

Attract your customers by creating CTAs that are eye-catching and clickable. You should put them at places where your visitors can easily find them. You can make your CTAs attractive and bold by using striking colors, fonts, and images. Use imperative verbs like read, watch or download. These words encourage the readers to do what you are asking them to do. Invoke action by adding urgency, use keywords like: now, here. In some cases you can put a timer or provide a limited offer (if the advice applies to your type of product or service).

2. Give something away for free

Generally, it is observed that people love to get something for nothing (free). So, it is a great way to win trust. The freebies can make the visitors think they are getting more value than what they are giving. And that will drive them to sign up with you. You can test freemium business model, or provide a digital product like an ebook.

How to get more sign ups
How to get more sign ups

3. Create a buzz

A great way to drive people to sign up for your products or services is to make your offering appealing to them. In today’s competitive market, nobody will share their contact details or credit card details for something that is boring or unattractive. Spread the word about your offerings by promoting them on popular social media platforms. The social media channels will give you the chance to connect with your potential customers. This works especially great if you get one of the influencers to talk about your product.

4. Promote and improve your blog

If you have a blog that is entertaining, educational and focused on the visitor’s interest, you are going to earn their trust. They will visit your website regularly and are more likely to sign up with you. So, invest time in finding a stellar image and add text to reflect the matter in the content. A catchy headline, great content and an excellent image will definitely give you a lot of visitors. This is important because you can’t expect someone to sign up the first time they hear about your product or service. Building a relationship earlier increases your sign up rate.

5. Simplify your sign-up forms

What information are you asking for on your sign-up forms? Remember, if you are asking for a lot of information on your sign-up forms, you will not get many sign-ups because you have increased the barrier to entry. Ask only what is necessary from the visitor. Additionally, make the forms obvious and try to make them big and bold on the page. Depending on the type of sign up (free or paid), you can expand your form with additional boxes. For example: budget information, company size, and other info that helps you qualify the buyer.

6. Incorporate social media

You can get more sign-ups by improving your conversion rate or by getting more traffic to the signup form. You might have seen millions of articles and blog posts that are shared through social media every day. Suppose, one person shares some of your content, you will be exposed to more individuals every day. When more people know you, more will sign up on your website. Social media can be great at driving traffic to your website. SEO is another. Here you can find out more about on-page optimization and some link building techniques.

7. Include a guarantee

Even when the offer is 100% free, still customers have doubts and many questions to ask. So you will have to convince your visitors and make things crystal clear to them that enrolling on a free trial is completely risk-free. That good old “money-back guarantee badge” will work miracles on your conversion.

8. Offer a Live Chat service

If you do not provide Live Chat service, you probably should start it as it can help you in getting sign-ups. You will open lines of communication by offering a live chat service. Your visitors will have an easier way to communicate with you. I understand this might be hard for you if you have a small team or low ticket items, but when you are starting out your visitors need you to hold their hand.

How to increase conversion
How to increase conversion

9. Use pop-up forms

It is a general tendency of visitors to move out if they are prompted to click another page to sign up on a website. It is a kind of psychological hurdle that can get in the way of you getting information. So, you should do something to remove this hurdle. You can do this by using a small pop-up form for signing up. It should be displayed in front of all content so that the users can fill it easily. If the sign up seems like a big step, break it into two or even three small steps!

10. How to get more sign ups? Split test!

Try to test out different combinations of fonts, colors and phrases for your sign-up button. Believe it; some combinations do better than others. It hardly takes little time to make these changes, and because of the impact they make, they are worth trying. A good free tool that can help you with those decisions is Google Analytics, and even better, paid tools like CrazyEgg and Hotjar.

11. Improve your traffic source

I saved the best for last. This one took me a long time to understand. I’ll give you only one example that I feel is the best. If you rank first place on Google for keyword “free icons” and let’s imagine this is the only traffic you have going to your website. It is going to be very hard or nearly impossible to sell custom designed icons for $500. You have to understand user intent! It plays a big factor in deciding whether the user wants to sign up, or not. If the traffic is hot or purchase oriented, it is going to be easier to convert it or to get it to sign up.

12. Improve the technical aspect of your website

If your website is down, can someone sign up? Absolutely not! If your website is very slow will this incourage the user to sign up? Probably not! Will user be more at ease during sign up, if you have an SSL certificate installed? Absolutely yes! With our Website Manager you can chech your websites very quickly, and proceed to monitor them with our Monitoring tools.

All of the above methods can increase your sign-ups in a short time. So, it makes sense to try them out. But remember, they are not overnight miracles. You have to keep up with them and continue going forward with what works. Best of luck!

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