SSL expiration monitoring

SSL expiration monitoring

SSL certificates have plenty of benefits until they stop working. From extended validation all the way to free SSL certificates, we need to renew them on time. Get notifications when your SSL certificates are about to expire.

SSL certificates have plenty of benefits until they stop working. From extended validation all the way to free SSL certificates, we need to renew them on time. Get notifications when your SSL certificates are about to expire.

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Why monitor SSL expiration?

Your SSL certificate provider will notify you when your SSL is about to expire, which is great. But ask yourself this, has your SSL certificate ever expired in the past? If so, why not set up this secondary monitoring that even tracks your free SSL certificates? This way, you and your system administrator can track expiry dates, and renew on time.


Benefits of SSL certificates

We wrote extensively on benefits of SSL so in case you are wondering why you should install them in the first place, here’s a brief overview. You increase your website security, and your clients are going to be grateful for it. Google will notice this and will reward you with better position. Because of all that, your conversion will improve.



Avoid embarrassment and loss of income

When your SSL certificate expires, browser reroutes all your traffic to a warning message. You should avoid this at all cost, for obvious reasons! With you automatically set up a secondary SSL certificate expiration monitoring, and you see the expiration date every time you log into dashboard and you get a notification.

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Website SSL expiration monitoring

If you couldn’t find a question here, here’s what to do. Log in, and post it on the “Feature Request” section inside dashboard.

Do you also track expiration dates on free SSL?

Yes. We track expiration dates on both free, and paid SSL certificates for your websites.

Which SSL certificate providers do you support?

We can monitor the expiration date of your SSL of any SSL certificate provider.

How often do you check expiration dates on SSL certificates?

We check once per week, because these dates rarely change. If you think we should check more often, please let us know why. 

Do you sell SSL certificates?

No, we do not sell SSL certificates. We definitely recommend that you instal an SSL certificate because there are many benefits to having one. In some occasions, we may recommend a certain SSL certificate provider, if we believe the service is of high quality, and the price is discounted.

Why is SSL expiration monitoring important?

In most cases you will get a notification that your SSL is about to expire. However, it’s nice to have a backup notification just in case you missed the first one. Also, with our Website Manager you will immediately get a screenshot and see that something is wrong, accompanied by an email as well. Usually SSL certificate providers will only email you with a date of expiration, and an invoice. It’s not their job to check if your website is working properly with an SSL. 

How much does it cost to run SSL monitoring?

If you have up to 3 websites you would like to monitor, it is absolutely free. If you need more than that, please check our pricing page. Best thing is, you will not get only SSL expiration monitoring, but other tools and monitoring

I manage 10 websites, does it make sense to signup?

Yes, absolutely! The more websites you have, the harder it gets to keep track of all the traffic, SSL expiration dates, domain name expiration dates, monitor AdSense revenue, and so much more. But, since the value we provide is big when we are doing it for 10 websites, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

I own only 1 website with SSL, should I sign up?

Yes, it is absolutely free! You can probably manage handling 1 website manually, and check SSL expiration dates and domain expirations, manually. But why not setup a system, so that when you add your second, and third website, it will be automated and prepared for further growth.

I check all this manually by looking at the website every day.

Well, that’s certainly one way to do it. But it is against constant improvement that we think leads to success. Applying kaizen to your website portfolio could bring you a small fortune. If you manually check everything, you are loosing valuable time, money and energy that could have yielded better returns elsewhere.

Still not convinced, I am satisfied with the email I get from my SSL certificate provider.

If this has worked well for you in the past, it doesn’t mean it will in the future. Besides, you only have to add your domain / website once, and there’s nothing else you need to do. On top of that, you get other monitoring like website speed, domain expiration, email blacklist monitoring as well as other website monitoring functionalities.