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This content website has been around since March 2014. It is making some money through Google AdSense, and Amazon Associates program. Since 3.2018 to 8.2019 revenue was $81.

  • Updated on 29th, August 2019.
  • Asking price $1000 $500

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    Website for sale

    Metrics for this website

    We’ve gathered some metrics for you to evaluate, in order to purchase this great website.

    Traffic information

    During the past 12 months, the website had 9,567 unique visitors with 54% coming from US. 68% of this traffic came through organic search. Updated on 29th August 2019.

    Domain name stats

    Domain name has 10 characters with a .com extension and it was registered in March 2014. According to Semrush, there are 364 referring domains.

    Website stats

    The website has 109 posts. With the first one published with the website launch in March 2014, and the last one was published in May 2015. Website is not selling any products, it only has textual content.

    Technical stats

    Website runs on WordPress with only several simple plugins, and a paid theme. It is loaded from a usual shared web hosting with cPanel.


    Website is making most of it’s revenue through Google Adsense. and Amazon Associate also brought some revenue. From March 2018, to August 2019, the website made $81.


    To keep the site running you need to renew domain name and web hosting once per year. If you want to increase revenue, but don’t have time or knowledge to create the content yourself, you should expect cost for content creation.


    General questions

    Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

    What do I get with this purchase?

    After you make the payment, you will get the domain name, and all the files that are needed for this website to run. We can help you with the website transfer and the domain name transfer. You will also get all the login info for WordPress. You will also get the Google Analytics account for this website.

    Are there any PBNs or links that will disappear?

    We are not linking to this website from our other websites, neither will we remove any backlinks pointing to this website. We do not guarantee that not one backlink will disappear because that’s a part of the normal process if you are not working and improving your website.

    Are there any social media accounts?

    This purchase includes a Facebook page with 1869 followers, and a new Instagram account.

    What payment options do you have?

    We accept wire transfers to our business account.

    Why such high valuation?

    Valuations can be discussed in great detail because they are very relative. We believe that the risk reward ratio is fair, and reserve the right to change the price if the market responds negatively.

    How much support do I get after the purchase?

    We will help you transfer and with the basic setup of managing this website. The purchase does not include coaching or extensive phone advice on how to grow this website.

    Will I be charged VAT?

    You will not be charged VAT because it is transferred for all the companies inside EU. Buyers from outside EU are not being charged VAT. If for some reason you want to make a purchase as a natural person (not a business) inside EU, you will be charged VAT.

    Do I need to have an Google AdSense account?

    Yes, in order to continue making money with AdSense program, you need to have an active AdSense account. However, if you do not want to make money with AdSense, but with another program, you can still buy the website and make money on this other network.

    Do I get an invoice?

    Yes, you will get an invoice for the entire amount you paid, so that you can cover this business expense with accounting.

    Who owns and operates this website now?

    We are the owners and operators of this website. This website is not coming from a third party seller.

    Will you sign a non compete agreement?

    Since this is a micro deal, we don’t feel it is necessary to sign a non-compete agreement. However, we can say that we will not build a site in this niche within 12 months of the sale.

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