Today I am happy to announce that we’ve added another tool to our suite of tools. Website valuation tool!

It is a valuation tool we’ve integrated with the help of Flippa. A major marketplace to buy and sell websites, SAAS businesses, domains and eCommerce stores.

Every website investor that’s managing a portfolio of websites, occasionally wants to sell a website. We wanted to make this transition easier.

Our graphics team worked hard to deliver a lovely experience for you. Use this website valuation tool with ease!

Use our website valuation tool to determine how much is your website worth

When you make a decision to sell your website, you may struggle to come up with the price. If a lot was invested in building the website, you may want much more than someone is prepared to pay.

Website valuation is both art and science, and this is definitely not the first website valuation tool. What makes this valuation tool different than other website valuation tools out there?

Free website valuation tool for website investors

Flippa has more historical sales data than anyone else and is the largest marketplace globally for buying and selling sites, stores, apps and online businesses. Flippa uses your inputs and compares data to 1000’s of similar sites that have sold on Flippa. 

That’s how we determine how much your website is worth.

The association is exciting. We know that website managers and investors use website manager tool to keep an eye on their portfolio and with our proprietary valuation tool they can now keep an eye on value also. Buyers are hungry for great sites so hopefully, this helps a network of investors consider opportunities to sell.

Blake Hutchison – CEO of Flippa

Why not just go to Flippa’s website and use the website valuation tool there?

That’s a great question, and you are going to love our answer. Since allows you to connect your Google Analytics, and Google AdSense accounts you just select your website from the dropdown list. You also skip the registration process, because… well, you are already inside, right?

We are also getting better at getting how old is your website, what the traffic and revenue trends are, so that the process is even quicker!

Not happy with the valuation?

There is a chance your website is making less than $100 per month. Even then, your website is definitely worth something! If the tool “sounds like” it’s making a low-ball offer, feel free to get a second opinion. However, have in mind that the tool has to factor in potential inaccuracies.

Apparently, there are many website owners who feel their website is making $1000 per month, with ZERO expenses.

Also, when the website valuation tool is dealing with $10k to $50k business or $100k plus for instance, it works much better.

Thanks for the offer Website Valuation Tool! But, sell for $110,682? Nah, I think I’ll keep growing this website!

What about 30X valuations based on last 3 months?

More and more website sellers are asking for 30x multiples based solely on the last three months of profits. Not to mention, the last 3 months were NOT business as usual, and the World is definitely not as it was last year.

Website age: 1 year
Average monthly profit last 3 months: $1,000
Asking price: $30,000

If you find a buyer with that multiple, Merry Christmas. More power to you. But you shouldn’t expect an automatic valuation tool to recognize your crazy sales skills.

On the other hand, who knows where our industry is going. Maybe the 30x on the past 3-month average is also the “new normal”. A popular term people are throwing easily these days. If that happens, I’ll edit this blog post and apologise.

In the meantime, why not add a few website, and check how much they are worth?

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