Website Valuation Tool

How much is your website worth.



Partnered with Flippa

We’ve partnered with Flippa in order to bring you the most accurate website valuation tool. We don’t only get their algorithm, but with the help of our tools, we make website valuations easier, faster and more accurate! You can read the official announcement here.


Selling your website? For how much?

If you are thinking about selling your website, you probably have a wish price in mind. Although that’s very nice, it may not sell! Sometimes it might be best to ask the experts, and the marketplace to see what similar websites are selling for.



Why is this website valuation tool better?

Inside this tool you have the data of tens of thousands website purchase transactions! The market has spoken, and we harnessed that inside this tool! That’s not all, when you combine our Website Manager and this Website Valuation tool, you will see why it has never been easier to evaluate your website.

How much is your website worth?

Why wait? Connect your website with our Website Manager, and run it through our Website Valuation tool.

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